Director Curator
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am Female

Resident Lorekeeper of Ragnarök

Check out my RO Story blog here.

Here's my xFire blog that I don't update anymore.

My Wikia Art Gallery

I'm also the Brigadier General (Guildleader) of the Iris Brigade.


Started playing RO in 2005, read the manhwa around 2007 or so, and started playing RO2 in 2013. I main 2 classes, Assassin and Monk, although I play my Assassin more often. I also enjoy playing my shotgun Gunslinger, whom I hope to change into a Rebel someday.

I mainly PVM, although I don't mind trying out PVP if I feel I'm capable enough. I like doing RPG things like crafting and questing so I'm not much of a WoE player.

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