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Gonna put a mini guide together here so bear with me as I update it. Huge Thanks to everyone who is contributing.


MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide1 Or MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide2 Step 1: Find a tier 1 or 2 monster and kill them until you get a book/badge/plans.
Step 2: Talk to the Guard Captain with at least one item in your inventory.
Step 3: Take hunting and gathering quests.
Step 4: Turn it your kills or items for points that can be redeemed for rewards.

MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide3 MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide4

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What do you do?

You hunt monsters, and gather items. You can do quests or just gather items. These monsters drop the items for the quest, and also are part of the hunting ones.

  • Note: Tier 2 monsters are significantly stronger then tier 1, and should be avoided by low level classes.
  • Note: You can only take two hunting quests at a time. One from each tier. (One tier one quest and one tier two quest.)

(1st Tier) Geffen Field Monsters

These monsters can spawn on any of their respective fields so be aware you will find them all over Geffen/Mjolnir Fields.


MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide6


MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide7

The Giant

MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide8

(2nd Tier) Mjolnir Map Monsters

These monsters can spawn on any of their respective fields so be aware you will find them all over Geffen/Mjolnir Fields.


MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide9


MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide10


MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide11


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What do they drop?

MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide13MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide14MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide15

  • NOTE: Cookbook, Badges, and Invasion plans have become account bound.
  • NOTE: Item Rewards can no longer be sold for zeny.

MVP Point Gathering

There are extra quests that involve killing MVP's that can be done to get points.

MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide16 MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide1 MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide17

Scullion will ask you to help her find her lost father. After agreeing to help her, you will go find her father on the same map.

MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide18 MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide19

Well.... He is dead. Pick up his ring and return to Sculion. Tell her you have bad news for her. After some sad dialogue, she wants revenge. She will then give you three quests, each giving 500 points when you turn them into her.


One of each:

RO Maya Maya MVP Maya

RO QueenScarabaQueen Scaraba MVP Queen Scaraba

RO Boitata MVP Boitata

MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide20Cheerful quests huh?

Note: There is a 12 hour cooldown with the quest. (24 hours for non vip)

Note: The MVP's will drop their usual loot when they die.

What do you do with the drops?

You can turn the items in at the NPC that started your quest.

  • NOTE: There is a 12 hour cooldown per hunting quest. (24 hours for non vips.)

MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide5

Item Gathering Rewards

Invasion Book = 2 Points
To Serve Man = 2 Points
Champion Badge = 7 Points (5 points non vip)

Hunting Quests

Tier 1 Hunting Quests: 200 Kills = 50 Points
[C] You will get a small amount of exp upon turn in. Tier 2 Hunting Quests: 200 Kills = 100 Points
[C] You will get a small amount of exp upon turn in.

Point Turn In Rewards

MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide21

2000p - 19030 Red Beret [1] (Account Bound)

200p - Enchant for 19030 Red Beret [1]

  • Note: It is 200p PER ENCHANT up to 3 enchants. 600p total for full upgrades.

NOTE: As of 6/19/14 the hats will no longer break when enchanting.

Using a Magical Stone 6320 you can reset the enchantments on the 19030 Red Beret [1].

40p - All Stats +10 for 30 min. Note: Does NOT stack with VIP Buffs.
5p - 12016 Speed Potion
5p - 12122 Sesame Pastry HIT + 30
5p - 12072 Whole Roast Str+7
5p - 12082 Sumptuous Feast Vit+7 2
5p - 12087 Steamed Alligator with Vegetable Agi+7
5p - 12077 Special Royal Jelly Herbal Tea Int+7
5p - 12092 Soul Haunted Bread Dex+7
5p - 12097 Assorted Shish Kebob Luk+7
50p - 12412 HE Bubble Gum (30 min)
50p - 12411 HE Battle Manual ( 30min)

Note: The stat food lasts for 20 min. and DOES NOT stack with VIP buffs.
Note: The Gum and Battle Manual are NOT items, they are given as buffs.

Where to enchant?

MilkyThief 11thAnniversaryQuestGuide22 Near Ewerer, where you got your quests.

Red Beret [1] Enchant List

Possible enchants are:

  • +1, +2, +3, +4 STR
  • +1, +2, +3, +4 INT
  • +1, +2, +3, +4 DEX
  • +1, +2, +3, +4 AGI
  • +1, +2, +3, +4 LUK
  • +1, +2, +3, +4 VIT

Notes About Enchanting

  • There are 3 enchant slots and you can get one of these random enchants per slot. (You could potentially get +12 in a single stat)
  • It costs one reset stone to reset all the enchants. (You CANNOT reset enchants individually.)

Special Thanks

ctrcr4sh - Borrowed the pics of the rewards from him. Check out his PR/BR guide, link below.

(ctr) 11th Anniversary Quest iRO - JUN / 2014 PT/BR [Up Date 25/06

Facekiller - All the info about enchanting came from him. Go +1 his post.

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