Start in Geffen!

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest1MilkyThief HalloweenQuest2

Here we meet old man Antoni. After his baseless accusations, we confront him.

He has us go meet Pious Paladin next!

Head to Payon Cave Floor 1.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest3MilkyThief HalloweenQuest4

Here we meet the Pious Paladin who makes us prove ourselves by killing 10 Zombies and 10 Skeletons.

After passing his test, he needs us to travel around Rune Midgard and find Dark Fonts.

Note: You can visit these in any order. You must talk to the font to get the quest, and to finish the kill count.

Location 1

Geffen dungeon Floor 2.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest5MilkyThief HalloweenQuest6

Here we must kill 20 Ghouls.

Location 2

Glast Heim Abbey 

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest7MilkyThief HalloweenQuest8

Here we must kill 20 Evil Druids.

Location 3

Orc Dungeon Floor 2

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest9MilkyThief HalloweenQuest10

Here we must kill 20 Orc Skeletons.

Location 4

Sunken Ship floor 1

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest11MilkyThief HalloweenQuest12

Here we must kill 20 Pirate Skeletons.

After sealing the 4 dark matter holes, we are teleported into a maze that we must figure out.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest13

IRO Chaos - 2015 Halloween Quest Maze Guide!

IRO Chaos - 2015 Halloween Quest Maze Guide!

After clearing the maze, we get teleported to Geffen Field 07.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest14MilkyThief HalloweenQuest15

Here we meet Paladin again, he tells us we need to go to Amatsu and meet Zombie Girl.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest16MilkyThief HalloweenQuest17

After meeting the zombie, she summons her body guard!

You don't have to kill it, but after you need to go back to Paladin.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest14MilkyThief HalloweenQuest15

He tells us to go meet Jorge Gnomero back in Geffen.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest18MilkyThief HalloweenQuest19

This is the final step, and a party is recommended. You must be able to defeat the Dark Lord MVP.

IRO Chaos 2015 Halloween Quest - Geffen Undead Siege

IRO Chaos 2015 Halloween Quest - Geffen Undead Siege

Geffen is about to be attacked! About every 15 min there is an announcement in Geffen. After that announcement you can talk to Jorge to be warped to the battlefield. After 15 min passes, the fight begins! 

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest20

After holding off the legion of undead, it is time to collect your prize!

Reward: Shadowmancer Helm

MilkyThief HalloweenQuest21