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MilkyThief NewYearsGuide1MilkyThief NewYearsGuide1


Bottom right of Payon.

MilkyThief NewYearsGuide2

We meet Shepherd Bori and his flock of sheep lambs.

Bori Explains that his lambs are going missing and that he needs our help in getting them back.

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Bori asks us to capture his lambs and bring them back ALIVE.

To do so he gives us 10 Hunting Ropes.

MilkyThief NewYearsGuide4

We gotta capture at least 5 Lambs and bring them back to Bori.

We then have to go out into the big world and find these missing lambs.

MilkyThief NewYearsGuide5

Catching the lambs is pretty simple. You do it as if you were taming any normal monster.

Upon catching a lamb, you receive:

MilkyThief NewYearsGuide6

Upon killing or stealing from a Lost Lamb, you get a Lamb Horn.

MilkyThief NewYearsGuide7

After catching at least 5 lambs, go back to Bori for your reward.

Bori will give you 5 Soft Wool & some exp based on level.

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After a heart-filled thanks, he informs you to check back in a bit when he has lost more sheep.

You can re-take the quest in 2 hours.

If we take the Lamb Horn and the Soft wool to the Fancy Shepherd boy, he can make us goodies.

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So bring him 50 Wool and 215 Horns for a Prize!


Costume: Baphomet Hat
Warm and cozy hat made with top class lamb's wool.
HP+15%, SP+15%.
15% magic damage increase to all types of monsters.
2015% Recovery amount increases when drinking milk.
These effects will vanish after the event period.
Class : Costume
Location : Upper Middle Lower
Weight : 0
Req LvL : 1
Job : All
Itemclass : Costume
Weight : 0