Part 1

We start in Prontera (Or any major town, they all have groups of Ludes).

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest1

We find a group of Ludes talking to each other in Prontera. They tell us that Jakk is missing. After listening, they will warp you to Niflheim.

Talking to Horolrong, he tells us we need to find Jakk in the middle of Niflheim.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest2

There are pumpkin heads all over the middle of Niflheim. Talk to them until you find the one that tells you the Jakks location. Then go talk to Hooroorong.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest3

Hooroorong needs us to do some errands for him.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest4

Kill 10 Jakks. These are special Jakks that spawn on every map.

10 Pumpkin Decorations

20 White Pumpkin Stems

Jack Drops:

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest5 MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest6 MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest7 MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest8

Hooroorong talks the items and thanks you for helping.

30 Cookies Bats Reward or a random chance at other new headgears. I will update this as I get them/find them.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest7 Jakk helm

This part is repeatable.

Part 2

Talk to Jakk. He needs help finding his kitty.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest9

Jakk needs one Dry White Stem.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest5

Agree to help him find his kitty.

Talk to Nibble. She sends you to Shivering Jakk.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest10 MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest11

Talk to Shivering Jakk.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest12

Back to Jakk. We need to follow leads now.

To Umballa. Talk to Shivering Researcher. Morroc next.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest13 MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest14

To Morroc. Talk to Shivering Merchant.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest15 MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest16

To Alberta.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest17 MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest18

Talk to Shivering Cat Hand Merc. Now we find Kitty!

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest19 MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest20

Talk to the White Cat and then the Pile of Sand behind him to learn of Kittys fate....

Talking to the Pile of Dirt gets you a Small Pile of Bones.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest21

Take the Small Pile of Bones to Jakk for your reward.


Scatleton pet eats fresh fish, and boosts the recovery rate of Fresh Fish by 1031% when equipped.

MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest22 MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest23 MilkyThief 2016HalloweenQuest24

As usual thanks for Krit for the help (and proofreading), and thanks to Tina for getting hopelessly lost while doing this quest. You guys rock.