So yeah, first quest I wrote. Came out really good. I am happy with it.

Start out in Izlude. Here we meet Dandruff Potter. He is a new student at the Kiel Hyre Acadamy.

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While talking to Dandruff, the teacher mistakes us for a new student and throws us on the airship.

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On the airship we find 3 bullies picking on Dandruff. After showing them who's boss we arrive in Juno.

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Before parting ways with Dandruff, he realizes that he is missing school supplies.

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Fear not, you assure Dandruff that Juno the city of magic will have everything he needs. So you two set off for the item shop.

After chatting with the shop owner, and realizing you can't pay the 300 billion late fees, you give up. But wait, the shop-keep knows Dandruffs father!

With our new supplies in hand, we head back to meet with the students. Back with the class, we learn that they have already left!

Time to sneak back into the Academy! Meet Dandruff on the south side of the Kiel Hyre Academy.

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Once inside the academy we run back into the bullies. They took Dandruffs bag and hid the items inside.

Now we need to recover 4 things, Dandruffs: Wand, Magic Cloak, Textbooks, and Potion Kit.

Magic Cloak:

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The Magic Cloak can be found in an enchanted Cabinet near the academy entrance. However, the cabinet is enchanted and we need to solve a riddle first.

"What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon, and 3 legs in the evening?"


One down, on to the Potion Kit.

Potion Kit:

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Down in the school basement is the kitchen. In the kitchen we find a bewitched oven. For some reason, you feel compelled to open this oven. How do we open it? Simple, feed it!

Give the oven:

Next up are the textbooks!


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Now we head up to the library. Here we find our textbooks high up on a shelf in the restricted section. As we go to grab them the librarian challanges us to a wizard duel! Beat her to claim your books!

He will throw an insult at you, and you rebuttal it. You can rebuttal with any insult you hear directed at you. Keep insulting him, and eventually he will concede.

Insult Rebuttal
smelled - whiff
fear - face
over - somewhere
stop - master
sharp - tip
thought - crossed
leaf Cat - teach
fighting - breath
potion - nose


Last but not least is Dandruffs Wand. This one is in the potions classroom. Talking to the wand is enough to get it.

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After grabbing the wand, head over to the next classroom and catch Dandruff finishing up his class.

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Dandruff is ready for his final showdown with the true mastermind behind the struggle.

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In the basement, talk to Dandruff by the statue. Kill one Peco Peco and bring him 1 Bill of Birds.

Talk to Dandruff for your reward.


You get one of the following.

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Note: If the sprites are missing please repatch your client.

Thanks Krit for running this with me, thanks Campitor for the last min patch to fix the broken gear.

Also shout out to FF Paper Stacks!