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Start in Aldebaran!

MilkyThief ValentinesDayGuide1

All you need to do is walk near Deviling and ask him what is wrong.

How to talk to Deviling : You need to walk near him and be in range to trigger his dialogue. One person at a time can trigger the dialogue at a time.

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After that, talk to the Delightful Angeling next and she tells us we need to find what other people do for Valentines day.

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Off we go to meet a couple in Al De Baran. Here we meet Boies Rjerks and Nukooties Foreme. Talk to them and then go back to Deviling .

Here, we pick what Deviling will do/get with Angeling. You only need to do one to get the hat.


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Gather 50 Apples and 10 Candies.


MilkyThief ValentinesDayGuide7 MilkyThief ValentinesDayGuide8

Gather 5 Burning Hearts and 10 Slick Paper.


MilkyThief ValentinesDayGuide9 MilkyThief ValentinesDayGuide10

Gather 5 Illusion Flower 10 Love Flowers.

After completing one or all of the above talk to Deviling he gives you your reward!

Named Costume Sweet Chocolate. (Not Tradeable)

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If you are VIP this also counts as your quest to get unfrozen shadow gear from Quen.