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We start off in Eden, here we meet A Girl Asking For Hel. She says her sister needs help and to meet her by Pronteras Church.

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Here we meet Valerie. Tell her Elena sent you. Elena sends us all over Rune Midgard to gather Firewood to boil wine.

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First talk to Tepicy. He will warp you to the destination of your choosing. MilkyThief 2016XmasQuestGuide5


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Here we meet Brew Master Kantina. He needs help getting Fermented Grape Juice.

Happy Santa Orcs drop Fermented Grape Juice and they spawn on every map.

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Here we meet Wholesaler Brutaqual. He needs helps sourcing materials from Mr. Vinpa. He will warp you to Payon.

After talking to Vinpa, talk to him again to have him warp you back to Brutaqual.

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Here we meet Trader Curundu. We need to get Seasoning from her. However, the shipment is running late.

To pass time, we need to kill 3 Santa Porings. The Santa Porings spawn on every map.


Here we meet Seasoning Merchant Aska. He needs us to deliver the sugar to Prontera Church.

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Bring the box containing sugar X3 to Valarie.

After running all 4 errands, go to back to Valarie.

She will give you 5 Mulled Wine and ask you to deliver firewood and wine to the brewers.

You can get Firewood from Santa Porings.

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Talk to the branch manager at each location. Use Tepicy to warp to each NPC.

After returning to Valarie, she will thank you with cookies and a Sprig of Holly.

MilkyThief 2016XmasQuestGuide21 Note: They are not account bound.

The quest is repeatable.

Take 10 of the Sprig of Hollys to Brechen in Izlude and she will make you a headgear reward.

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After completing the quest once, you can purchase firewood in South Pront Field. It is 20k zeny for 10 pieces.

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