Merry Xmas guys!

MilkyThief 2017ChristmasQuestNyahHumbugGuide

We start in Malangdo! You must be level 50+ and talk to Retired Santa to begin.

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Tell santa he can't quit. Santa will tell you to go to Santa Claws next.

malangdo 228/275

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Santa Claws needs 70381 Yarn and 10 579 Fresh Fish. Talk to Grump Helper with the items.

malangdo 228/272

MilkyThief 2017ChristmasQuestNyahHumbugGuide5 MilkyThief 2017ChristmasQuestNyahHumbugGuide4

Talk to Cheery Helper next. Cheery Helper needs us to gather 20 7175 Wrapping Paper and 20 7174Wrapping Lace.

Note: These both drop from Xmas monsters in Toy Factory.

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The items are not consumed when used by Cheery Helper. Return to Retired Santa next. Tell him you are sorry to bother him and he will send us to Lutie.

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Talk to the Toy Stockpile. It will flash colors and you pick the color that matches what flashes. This part can be annoying, as you see other players colors flashing as well.

xmas 150/97

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Next up is Toy Sendoff. This is just a read and react mini game.

xmas 199/247

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Bit Heavy in back - Front of Sleigh

Bit Heavy in Back - Back Sleigh

Hold on the Paper - Wrapping Lace

Wrap the Gift - Wrapping Paper

Head on back to Retired Santa in Malangdo for your reward!

Christmas Tree Hat

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MilkyThief 2017ChristmasQuestNyahHumbugGuide12

Save your rewards, supposedly there will be more added next week, so check back then!

Gift Exchange:

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Next to Retired Santa is an vending machine you can exchange various items of tokens that may be redeemed for rewards.


Well-Baked Cookie - 1 Token
Candy - 1 Token
Candy Cane - 1 Token
Wrapping Paper - 3 Tokens
Wrapping Lace - 3 Tokens


Santa Bag - 5 Tokens
Heal Scroll - 10 Tokens
Gift Box - 25 Tokens
Cookie Bag - 25 Tokens
Old Blue Box - 100 Tokens
25 Prize Medals - 200 Tokens
Old Purple Box - 300 Tokens
Old Card Album - 750 Tokens
Candy Hat - 1000 Tokens
Santa Poring Costume - 1250 Tokens

MilkyThief 2017ChristmasQuestNyahHumbugGuide15

Thanks to Krit and Silver. Merry Xmas guys.