I hate this quest. It has been in since 2010. I remember doing this when it came out....

Start in Prontera.

MilkyThief 2017EasterQuestGuide1

Here we find Lina. She asks for our help and to take a sacred oath.

MilkyThief 2017EasterQuestGuide2

Now we must kill 50 Deviruchi, Wraith Dead, Dullahan, or Nightmare Terror. Your best bet is in Niflheim, go to Eden Kitchen, talk to Bathory.

Now we gotta go to 4 different locations and talk to the dark manifestations:

Geffen 207/114

MilkyThief 2017EasterQuestGuide3

Juno 164/46

MilkyThief 2017EasterQuestGuide4

Rachel 36/132

MilkyThief 2017EasterQuestGuide5

Lutie 144/51

MilkyThief 2017EasterQuestGuide6

Return to Lina and she will reward you with Exp and an Easter Egg Shell Hat.

MilkyThief 2017EasterQuestGuide7

If you talk to the egg next to Lina you can trade 1 Egg, 1 Star Dust, 20 Jellopies, and 300k Zeny for a random item:


I hate this quest. 0/10 would not recommend.