Strangers need to leave me alone while I am sick! Mom if you don't send them away I will hate you FOREVER!

Start in Hugel!

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Here we find O'Reily and he needs our help! He had a fallout with his sister and asks us to help her.

Head over to the 2nd floor of the Hugel inn. Here we meet Widow Thon and her son Baal Peter Thon.

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Tell her you can help, and she will ask to you to examine her son. We are clueless so we need to find Nurse Anna.

Head outside to the Hugel Grocery store. (Right above O'Riley)

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Tell her you are here for Thon and she will recommend you approach him with an 5015 Eggshell in your inventory.

After you talk to Thon with the Egg Shell in your inventory, he will teleport you to a map of Hugel full of monsters.

First off talk to O Riley first. This is very important. This part of the quest is very wonky..

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Head north, here we meet Fae. He needs us to give him a 7214 Bat Cage.

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Next is a Fae on the bridge. He needs one 7220 Ectoplasm.

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Finally the Fae under the airship. He needs one 7205 Piece of Black Cloth.

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After talking to the three, go back to O'Riley. Tell him that you know that he knows the fae. He tells us that all we need to do is give one piece of 998 Iron to Thon and he will be reverted to normal.

If you don't get the option to say I know you know the fae, try turning one of the items above back in then go talk to O'Riley again.

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Thon is healed and we get our reward:

[Named] St. Patrick's Hat & 50 Green Ales.

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The quest is NOT repeatable.

Thanks to Tina, Murk, and Krit for the help and items.