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You can do this in any order, but I would recommend the route below.


MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide1

Here we meet Garnish Lorenzo. She needs us to gather items to help her son win over a girl.

MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide2 MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide3

  • 529 5 Candy
  • 530 5 Candy Canes
  • 11513 3 Throat Lozenge - It says Neck Protection Candy you can buy these in Comodo.

After giving her the 3 items, she gives you 10 Sweets Festival Coins.

MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide4

Note: The coins are tradeable.

You can get coins by turning 20 stolen cacao from Sweet Drops in for 10 coins at Chocolate Factory Owner in Prontera.

MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide5

After you give him 20 stolen cacao, you can help him deliver the chocolates. He teleports you around Rune Midgard.
First you are sent to Geffen, then Payon, then Aldebaren and finally Prontera. In each town you talk to the sweets shop, they teleport you to the next.
After all the chocolates are delivered, return to Charles for 20 more sweets coins


MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide6

Here we meet a Man with Struggle. He is a recovering Sweets addict.

MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide7

Talk to him and listen.

Note: You are suppose to kill Drops for him, however the flag is not working and you can talk to him again for your reward.

Talking to him again gives you 5 Sweet Festival Coins and 12130 5 Cookie Bags.


MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide8

Here we meet Miss Fortuna and she is upset that the sweets shop closed before she could get there. She asks us to bring her some sweets.

MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide9 MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide10

  • 530 1 Lucky Candy Cane
  • 529 1 Lucky Candy
  • 538 1 Lucky Cookie

You can obtain these items inside Cookie Bags.

You get 5 Sweets Festival Coins and 12130 3 Cookie Bags


You can turn your coins in in Aldebarran.

MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide11 MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide12

Sweet Candy Costume - 800 Coins

MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide13

Chocolate Mini hat Costume - 1000 Coins

RO MiniChocolateHat

You can also buy consumables with your coins, list below. They cost 20 coins each.

'Named' Special Homemade Chocolate

Chewy Macaroons
MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide14

Sweet Crepes
MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide15

Strawberry Cream Cupcake
MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide16

Fruit Parfait
MilkyThief 2017ValentinesDayQuestGuide17

You can also trade 30 coins to get a random item listed above, including the costumes. You can only do this once per day.

My first attempt doing it, I got 100 Coins.

Thanks to Krit for helping as always.