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We start in Geffen!

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Must be at least level 50 to start.

Talk to Ingrid the Baker to begin.

Her boyfriend got killed by a dead branch, and now we gotta bring Chocolate to Nifelheim.

First we have to gather chocolate ingredients for her to replace the lost chocolate.

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7182 Cacao drops from Yoyo's.
518 Honey drops from Hornets and other Payon monsters.
519 Milk can be bought from the milk vendor in Prontera.
7456 Red Spice is bought above the fountain in the middle of Prontera.
7457 Cooking Oil can be bought from the Chef assistant in Juno.

After gathering all the ingredients, you will get one 22550 Cookie Bag and one 559 Handmade Chocolate.

Now we go to Nifelheim.

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After talking to Rupert he needs you to prove you are not a demon by killing 40 Dullahans.

After killing 40 Dullahans return to Rupert. He accepts the chocolate and sends us back to Ingrid.

After talking to Ingrid, she thanks you and rewards you with:


Title: Dearest Possession.

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Note: To claim reward you must claim the achievement reward and it will be mailed to you via RODEX.

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A very unthanks to Krit.