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List of Needed Items:


Step 1

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide1

Head on over behind Prontera Church, and speak to Undead Danielle. /navi prontera 273/343

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide2

Danielle explains that the land of the dead is under attack by the evil Unholy Ghost! In her haste she fled to Prontera and is now looking for help. Ask her who is attacking and offer you help!

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide3

Step 2

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide4

Head on Over to Niflheim and head towards the center of town. There you will meet Zombie ZacK.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide5

Zombie Zack will ask who sent you. Tell him Danielle did. He will then tell us that there is a militia gathering to fight back against the unholy ghost. He wants us to bring him some supplies to the militia so they can make us a weapon to fight against the Unholy Ghost!

  • 932 20 Skel Bones
  • 957 5 Decayed Nails
  • 523 1 Holy Water

Step 3

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide6

Head on over to Niflheim Fild_02 and find the packleader zombie.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide7

Tell him you brought the items and he will make you the sword. Talk to him again and he will ask for more help in raising the army to fight the Unholy Ghost. After that return to Danielle and tell her what is happening. She will tell you to go meet the Undead Recruiter in Glastheim.

Step 4

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide8

Head to the spawn of GH and meet the undead recruiter.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide9 /navi glast_01 358/305

He explains that through the map there are 4 undead leaders that you need to convince to join you. You can talk to them in any order.

There is a specific order: Raydric, Druid, Marionette, Wraith.

1: Resting Raydric /navi glast_01 330/85

Resting Raydric will join you, if answer his trivia... Question 1: There are two ghostly swordsman as MVP's. What is the name of the Male version? : Doppleganger
Question 2: What element deals the most damage to Lord of The Dead? : Holy
Question 3: What is town is the Land of The Dead? : Nifflheim


He joins you after you answer these three questions correctly.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide10

2: Dreadful Druid /navi glast_01 213/125

Dreadful Druid helps you, but you will pay a price later.... (aka when you retake the quest)

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide11

3: Mangled Marionette /navi glast_01 199/351

Mangled Marionette will join you but only if you can solve his number game. Rules below.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide12
MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide13 Choobs
MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide14
MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide15

4: Weeping Wraith /navi glast_01 60/270

Weeping Wraith joins you once you have completed the other 3 leaders. He then warps you to the next step. MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide16

Step 5

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide6

Return to the Zombie Packleader.

After telling him you got the 4 leader to join you he tells you to step into the portal. You are teleported to the realm with the Unholy Ghost!

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide17

You cannot kill him, but you can seal him. The Packleader tells you there are 5 seals that need to be sealed away to defeat him.

To seal the 5 seals, you must sprinkle powder on them. Do it 5 times to the 5 different seals and return to Packleader.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide18 MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide19

With the Unholy Ghost weakened all you have to do is take the sword and stab him! (Any option will do~) After defeating him talk to the pack leader again to get your reward.



MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide20 And 1m Base & Job exp......

UPDATE 10/22:

You now have choices upon finishing the quest.

Once you finish it, you will be given a squid.

You have options with the squid.

Option 1:

Talk to Danielle and give her 1 Squid for 1 costume halloween hat.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide1 MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide21

Option 2:

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide22

Next to Danielle is the Spooky Machine. You an trade in 5 squid for Witches Shoes.

Pics/Stats to come.

Option 3:

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide22

At the Spooky Machine you can trade in one squid for a random item. See list below.

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide23

  • 518 Honey x 3
  • 529 Candy x7
  • 538 Well Baked Cookedx 2
  • Cake x 1
  • 580 Bread x 3
  • Pumpkin Cake x1
  • 6097 Pumpkin Pie x 3
  • 517 Meat x 5
  • Trans Green Candy x 3 -Recover 45 HP. Transforms into Quve for 10 minutes. HIT + 10, FLEE + 20 while shapeshifting. Weight : 3
  • Trans Blue Candy x 3 - Recover 45 HP. Transforms into Bathory for 10 minutes. MSP + 100 while shapeshifting. Weight : 3
  • Trans Red Candy x 3 - Recover 45 HP. Transforms into Bloody Murderer for 10 minutes. MHP + 1000 while shapeshifting. Weight : 3
  • Trans Green Candy x 3 - Recover 45 HP. Transforms into Jack for 10 minutes. Recovery effect increase for 2000% when consuming "Pumpkin" while shapeshifting. Weight : 3
  • 603 Old Blue Box x 1
  • 607 Yggberry x 1
  • 616 Old Card Album x 1
  • Old Violet Box x 1
  • Dark Invitation x 1 - Auto teleports you to Niflheim.

Retaking the Quest

Note: If you do the quest for your first time and then try to redo it, you can do it but not collect the squid till the cooldown passes.

To redo the quest you must go back to GH and talk to Dreadful Druid.

If you beat him in a game of dice, he tells you that you can make an offering to fight the Unholy Ghost again!

MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide11 MilkyThief HalloweenQuestGuide24

After beating the druid, take the materials and redo step 5, listed above.



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