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Blah not a fan of this style quest not at all..... Did not plan to make this guide but gotta keep up appearances...

This melt...? Pshawwwwww

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide1


Warp from Santa in Middle of Prontera or Al De Barran 2 O'Clock direction.

Start in the middle of Lutie.

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide2

Here we find 4 NPCs all wanting Snow Flowers for various rewards.

Also during certain times a crystal will appear in Lutie. Break it for more snow flowers. There will be a server wide announcement in Lutie when it comes!

Note: Wear Unfrozen armor. It uses Storm Gust a lot and will freeze you. Casts upon death too.

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide3

How To Spawn Giant Crystal: - Big thanks to KenseiCatfish

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Iam A Hunter - Hunt monsters for snow flowers.

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide4

Mr. Hunter here wants us to hunt those pesky Xmas themed monsters, 3 of each.

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide5

Santa Lunatic:

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide6
Near Prontera and Geffen.

Found on Prontera Field 06 & 08

Santa Goblin:

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide7
Near South Side of Geffen

Found on Prontera Field 11, Geffen Field 11, and Xmas Field 01

Santa Orc:

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide8
Near South of Geffen & West of Prontera.

Found on Geffen Field 10.

Santa Jakk:

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide9
Geffen Tower 2nd Floor

Found on Geffen Tower 2nd Floor (Gotta love consistency)

Note: Low spawn rate...

Turn in!

You get EXP too, but it varies based on level.
Hunt 3 of each and turn them in for 10 snow flowers each.

Note: This can be repeated once a day.

Snowman - Snow Flower Exchanger

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide10

Snowman exists solely to exchange your snow flowers. He offers 3 options.

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide11

Will add cost for each ASAP...

  • 607 1 Ygg Berry = 10 Snow Flowers [Thanks Wodrew]
  • 18553 Mini Tree Costume = 100 Snow Flowers
  • 18850 Polar Bear Hat Costume = 300 Snow Flowers

Santa Girl - Snow Flower Costume Exchange

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide12

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide13


Assistant Santa - Trade 3 Red Stockings for Gift Box.

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide14

Assistant Santa needs moar beard.

He has a sock fetish need for all of your Red Socks with Holes. He takes them and by some means of Xmas magic turns them into a gift box.

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide15

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide16

Note: Almost Santa can also give you a Christmas Package. It contains 3 random items. [Thanks laksalot]

MilkyThief XmasQuestMiniGuide17

Still missing a bit but the frame for it all is here. Looking forward to all the pics you guys send in.

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