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Surprisingly, I managed to make it to the new max level of 175.  Sadly, about the only way I was able to do it in such a realatively short period of time (I actually made level 175 a while ago, just got around to posting this) was due to the Biolabs 4 bounty board turn in.  Without that, I probably would be 160 at best. 

The sad truth is, due to iRO's update schedule being so out of whack, we don't really have any actual proper content for getting to 175 using only content made by the kRO devs.  With renewal mechanics, most monsters in game start yielding crap exp once you start getting over 160ish.  The new Nightmare Clocktower dungeon is about the only true dungeon for leveling to 175.  The grind to 175 is really only made rational by having some of the bounty boards, a iRO custom, have their level caps raised well beyond the monsters practical ranges. 

For some unknown reason, kRO pushed the full 175 update on us even though they were originally only gonna give us a 160 update, which we have decent content for.  To this day, I'm still confused on how kRO updates their franchised partners.  It should be; kRO gets an update and within 2-4months the push it to all the regional partners.  But, that's not how they do it.  Instead, it appears to be; kRO gets update after update and if the regional server asks kindly, they may get an update, frequently not in proper order.

As for me, now that I've gotten at least one chara maxed, I find myself slowly caring less and less about the game.  Between real life and the crappy state of the game, I'm slowly losing interest, again.  I have a max level chara to go after any new content we have and now I'm slowly getting bored of leveling my other charas.  I currently only have one other 150+ chara, but after doing bio4 so much on my RK, I'm pretty burn out on doing it and prefer to try other things on my Ranger, which is much slower.  And other charas get more boring to play the higher level they are.

Honestly, If it was just the game to keep me, I would have probably bailed by now.  But, as I get involved in the game, I get to know people and make decent friends, which makes it harder to quit since for most of them, this is really the only main contact I have with them.

So, here I am, my main max leveled and slowly losing ambition again to play.  But for now, I'll probably stick around.


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