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At this point, my current goals for the wiki include:

  • Getting kRO patch notes up to 2019 added.
  • Finish documentation of Episode 15.
  • Document Episode 16.
  • Document RO2 up until Master Level content.

After all that is done, I don't know if I will continue to dedicate myself to updating the wiki. Having chugged at this wiki project for 6 YEARS (going on 7), it's gotten pretty tiring for the only active editor that is me. There have been other editors on the wiki that have come and gone and I truly appreciate each and every little bit of help I get on the wiki. But I can't keep being a one-man army forever. I have other projects I wish to pursue, two of which are long-term webcomics that I am very eager to get started on.

However, one thing that makes me different from what Doddler has done is that this wiki WILL remain even if I don't. And as a wiki, anyone is free to come in and keep updating it even if I don't. Of course, as the admin of the wiki, I will continue to check in every once in a while.

I know iRO Wiki will still remain the top dog when it comes to RO wikis, and that's fine with me. Honestly, this originally started as a project to document the Ragnarok manhwa and it just exploded from there. At the beginning, I struggled to learn wiki language and made a lot of mistakes along the way. However, that's what makes a wiki different from any other fansite: improvements can be made if you have the willingness to help fix things.

So this is not goodbye just yet, just a notice to let you guys know what's in this wiki's future concerning me. Whether any of you guys are willing to step up and make contributions is up to you.


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