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Ever since a good friend of mine died in 2010 and a coworker I was really fond of died in 2013, I've been trying hard to reach out to anyone who cares to remember me. So when my best bud told me he was having a birthday party, I made the effort to drive those 20+ miles to his place from work (Disneyland) to see him. I got lost for about half an hour before I finally found the party location. (Dem inside streets.)

At the end of the night when most of his other friends went home, we talked and he started tearing up about how alone he had been feeling and how he missed the good ol' days when we were kids and doing all sorts of shenanigans. We lost touch with each other 9 years ago so he was pretty happy to see me again.

Even as kids, I never abandoned him despite everyone spreading rumors about us as a couple or when other kids would pick on him for being so girly. (He since came out as real flamingly gay.) He never did invite me to any of this birthday parites until now, but I was never really bothered by that for some reason. He was the first best friend I've ever had and nothing anyone could ever say would change that.

He didn't have to, but he apologized to me profusely about not trying hard enough to keep in contact with me all those years. I've gotten used to seeing friends come and go, but I've always maintained a stance of always being there for them if they ever needed someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. (And I guess I've extended that somewhat to the iRO community.)

With him and my other best friend that I can always count on now, I guess I can't really feel all that alone anymore.


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