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Back in April of 2015, Gravity Interactive introduced what they called the BLOB (Big List o' Bugs) using the Trello project management platform. (Ironic that it was introduced on April 1st.) Created for their Ragnarok Online server, the Trello board allowed the playerbase to report bugs and expedite fixes. The Ragnarok Online II team followed suit with their own BLOB board.

Fast-forward to recently, I was trying to track down the iRO BLOB board to discover this.

iRO BLOB Trello

I don't know if the board has been hidden away or outright deleted. Either way, it was not surprising this little project didn't last very long. On the other hand, the iRO2 BLOB board is still kicking.

iRO2 BLOB Trello

Granted, the iRO2 team has more power to enact fixes compared to the iRO team, but it's still poor form on iRO to go all gung-ho over a project they're very much incapable of keeping alive.


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