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So Varitas left the iRO2 community for the other games while Idunn, formerly VModSalsa, is now CM of iRO2 along with Njoror. Turnover #5 in just 4 years into iRO2's existence. Good grief. And everyone who was unbanned after Maridah left have all but disappeared. So I guess there's not much to moderate in the iRO2 section, considering there's threads from as far back as May that are still on the first page. (I'm still banned, of course. They definitely don't want me adding to any discussion they have even though I still cover RO2 stuff on the wiki.)

On top of that, Warnhal jumped ship, never having updated any of us on revamping the gender change option on the iRO website after gaining the ability to make male and female characters on the same account. If they are able to change the gender of characters on the whole account, then they should be able to do individual characters after the update. And yet 7 months after we got the update, the VAS still remains pending. I don't understand why Warnhal and his team haven't figured out how to update this by now, people are waiting to buy this service and it seems they're not interested in getting that money. I thought they wanted money, but I guess that was cash that wasn't important enough to them.


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