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Been bouncing around between the WarpPortal forums and the official Tree of Savior forums as of late and there's a rather stark contrast between the starting community of Ragnarok Online II and the English Tree of Savior community. Yes, both had their share of salt due to the games being buggy, but I have to say the RO2 starting community wins out in terms of approach-ability than the TOS starting community. I find myself preferring to take part in the RO2 community much more than the TOS community.

Before you say anything, the starting communities for both games ARE pretty comparable. Both games came out on Steam internationally and both games had high expectations to succeed RO. And both games have failed on succeeding RO in some way, whether it's due to job class differences or having certain things blocked behind a paywall (yeah, I'm looking at you temporary card album for RO2 and 1-to-1 trading for TOS). Game mismanagement aside, RO2 players were much more graceful at dealing with bugs and glitches in the game compared to TOS players. I mean, for goodness sakes, there was a very salty thread started over a simple graphical issue. At least an RO2 equivalent poked fun at it instead of being retardedly salty about it (ironically, the CM was the one being a party pooper about the bug, not the players).

I don't know whether it's because of the forum software (iRO2 uses IP Board while English TOS uses Discourse) or maybe it's because the kind of people attracted to the two games are just that different. Maybe the fact that RO2 is accessible without Steam plays a big factor, but somehow I think TOS players would still be salty even with a standalone client. Whatever the reasons, RO2 players banded together better as a community than TOS.

Ragnarok Online II on Steam
Tree of Savior on Steam

At the moment, both games have mixed reviews on Steam, but at least RO2 players weren't super salty enough to actively try to get the game taken off of Steam. (Maybe the Steam players did for RO2, but they didn't bother to take it to the official forums so I guess they weren't serious enough if they did.)


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