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Welp, I did it. I put in my 2-weeks notice today. November 8th will mark my final day as an official Cast Member. :U

In a way, it's both relieving yet saddening for me to leave Disney. When I first started in January of 2011, I had high hopes of joining the ranks of Glen Keane and other 2D animators to make beautiful animated features. I would check the Animation Studios website every chance I got to apply for whatever available positions they had for 2D animators: storyboarding, character design, story development, clean-up animation, etc. I was eager to see how their 2D animation process worked since they went completely digital starting with The Princess and the Frog.

But all my dreams were crushed when Disney laid off their entire 2D animation division. It was the beginning of the end for my stay at Disney, since I don't like the process of creating 3D animation nor how it's taking over anything and everything animation.

(Just to be clear, I have taken a class on 3D animation so I have first-hand experience into how it's done. Although it is a little quicker to animate in 3D, the whole process of it feels very factory-like. Not artistic like 2D animation, which I adore.)

Once I'm done working at Disney, I'm going to catch up on my video game backlog and do some art commissions to add to my ailing portfolio. My 2D Animation certificate would have to get put on hold (yet again) until I finish my little excursion to Texas. Or I dunno, maybe I'll finish it in Texas (only have 2 classes left to complete it).

Not sure when I'll be heading off to Texas. Plane fares are going to jump soon due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons so likely I'll start moving over there in January. Not quite sure how I'm going to move my PC over since that's the number 1 thing I need for art and job searching. Don't have a lot of clothes to move over so I'll probably shove all that into my car and transport my car. Good thing I'm not a girly girl with a warehouse of clothes.


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