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It's a little disconcerting that 6 months after I requested a new script to be implemented for the Bounty Boards project, the iRO team still hasn't delivered on it. I don't understand why they keep stalling the project's development, but it's gotten to the point of very annoying. Players want to add new boards on the current script in order to exploit them, which I keep having to fight back because the new script would maintain order better than the current one which has proven to be too open to abuse. They don't understand nor do they want to because they're so fixated on what's good for them instead of what's good for the game.

In that vein, I've also resorted to trying to convince the iRO team to expand Gramps TIs past 150, but they've been resistant to that despite assuring players that Gramps TIs will be expanded at a later time. So I don't know what's going on there.

Yes, I've resigned myself to the fact that Gramps TIs are never going away and the only thing that can ever hope to compete with Gramps TIs is Jumping Janeway. Therefore it's pointless for me to have the Bounty Boards try to draw people away from Gramps since it was originally designed for people who hate Gramps leveling; hate him to the point they're willing to go out into the world maps even though the EXP gain is slower. Bounty Boards are meant to reward people who want to play RO the old-fashioned way, not to be a Gramps replacement. Honestly, if people wanted a Gramps replacement, there's plenty of better alternatives to advocate for that than the Bounty Boards.

I don't want Bounty Boards to be another crutch to iRO like Gramps has become. In fact, it makes me happy to hear people move away from Bounty Boards to better means of leveling aside from Gramps. It shouldn't be something people rely on to do anything in the game. But that's what players want because it's easier. They don't care about the state of the game, they just want things easier. And that's not what I set out to do when I came up with the Bounty Boards. Not at all. The RO experience has already been cheapened by Gramps, I don't want the Bounty Boards to continue that mentality.

It's bad enough I'm fighting the CMs to not cheapen the Bounty Boards, but to have to fight the playerbase that wants to cheapen the project as well makes the struggle that much bigger. But I will keep fighting to bring back the spirit of RO that was once there. And if I become an enemy of the playerbase in doing so, then so be it.


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