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Ahh... Feels good to be back to using my lovely PC again. :U Been hard at work finishing up all the pre-AOV RO2 Norman quests and starting up a new character on RO to continue where my Assassin Cross could not.

Yeah, I've decided to create a new character. A Ninja, to be precise. Since my SinX is unplayable past 99 and it's a LONG way before iRO gets the Rebel update, I figured an Oboro would help me continue documenting Ragnarok Online quests past Level 99. I've actually tried making a Ninja on the test server Sakray some time back just to see what it's like, but I didn't get that far with it. Facekiller from the iRO community has been doing a lot to help me adjust to the play-style of Ninjas so I'm going to be paying him back someway.

Yes, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why I don't just advance my SinX to Guillotine Cross instead? Well, first off, GXs are frickin' ugly. Its concept art is ugly and its corresponding sprite is ugly. If I'm going to be stuck staring at my main character until the end of iRO, I'd rather look at something more appealing like the SinX. At least Oboro is easy on the eyes compared to GX, plus they're a good dual-dagger class according to Facekiller so that seals the deal for me.

Secondly, GX doesn't really offer much (if any) for dual-dagger builds. Once again, I would be stuck relying on Double Attack for most of my days. kRO seems to only care about katar and poison builds while completely neglecting dual-dagger builds. Yeah sure, GX has weapon-neutral skills like Weapon Crush and Weapon Blocking, but for the most part the job class caters to PVP katar builds. While I'm a PVM dual-dagger build. If I could, I'd continue playing my SinX past 99. But since kRO doesn't seem to care about allowing players to play any and every job class to the new max levels, my options are limited.

Truth be told, I had originally planned to make a Rune Knight when I saw its original concept art and sprite. I liked how it didn't look like your typical fantasy knight, but apparently some people couldn't stand for that differentiation from typical fantasy knights. So kRO went and change the job class to how it is now. And that discouraged me from rolling a Rune Knight completely. (I really wanted that red Ferus mount, too!)

And now you know why there's been a big influx of Ninja-related stuff being added to the Wiki lately. :U


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