Welcome to Ragnarok Online! I commend you on finding this game as it's been around since 2002 and not very many people still remember it from the old ages of MMORPGs. A lot of things have changed since RO first came out, the most prominent being its interface overhaul which was introduced with the Renewal update. If you're not familiar with the old pre-Renewal version of RO, that's okay! You're better off for it, believe me.

Now let's start off with the basics, shall we?

Leveling curve, Stat attributes, Cast times

Basic window, Skill menu, Character menu

Map and Party search

Storage sorting, UI configuration, Quest log

Buying Store

Useful Commands

Now that you've read through those, let's explore more of the user interface that wasn't adequately explained in those pages.

World Map

RO Tutorial1

Basic Information and Character window

RO Tutorial2

Skills Window

RO Tutorial3

Chat Box

RO Tutorial4


RO Tutorial5

Party Search

RO Tutorial6

Storage Sorting

RO Tutorial7


A recently added feature, Replay allows players to record their gameplay similar to Fraps and other video recording programs. Replay saves video files in a format that allows players to report bot activity when screenshots are insufficient. To use Replay, simply click on the "rec" button on the drop-down menu under your basic information box in the upper right corner of your screen to access the Replay settings.

Screenshot by HopeSama
RO replaypreview

To view saved videos, click on the Replay button on the client launcher.