Welcome to Ragnarok Online II, the sequel to Ragnarok Online! It seems that there is much about the RO2 interface that is difficult to understand for both RO players and brand new players alike. Worry not, I will teach you what you need to know to survive in this strange post-cataclysmic world!

First off, the basics:

Default Shortcut Keys

All About Kharas

Now that you've read through those, let's explore more of the user interface that wasn't explained in those pages.

RO Mode

RO2 Tutorial1

Interface Menu

RO2 Tutorial2

Character Info Window

RO2 Tutorial3

Quest/Khara Tracker

RO2 Tutorial4

Changing Channels

RO2 Tutorial5

Chat Box

RO2 Tutorial6

Buying Items in Bulk

RO2 Tutorial7

If there's any other UI tutorial that's needed, feel free to post suggestions here.