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Made it to the 6th day of my lemon elixir challenge, but I think I'm going to have to call it quits. x_x My parents stressing me out the entire time plus having that time of the month for me as a girl just combined to kick my butt. My internal temperature shot up and I'm pale as heck right now. Although I want very much to get to the 7th day of this challenge, it's quite obvious my body won't last as long as I want it to.

So for anyone trying out the hardcore version of this detox, don't jump into solid foods right away. It'll mess you up since your body has gone without food for a while, so your organs need something easy to work with before processing heavy stuff. Start off with light soups and then ease your way back into solid foods. (Homemade foods and drinks, don't do fast food until at least a few days after the detox is over.)

I may not have made it through the entire 7 days that I was prepared to get to, but 6 days is okay. Close enough. I'll do better next time. 568.png


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