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It's been a long road of rigorous questing that has led me here to compiling this Wiki today. In the past, I've been hesitant to quest in RO because I just suck at pre-Renewal mechanics and monsters. I could never make enough money to buy the gears I need to complete these story quests in areas that I felt was far out of my reach because of lacking the proper gears. I am saddened to have never completed Dandelion's Request because of this.

With Renewal, questing has become more accessible for me and other players like me. I've discovered a side of the game I never though would ever be within my reach. With the help of fellow players from the iRO community, I finally completed my very first quest chain (Arunafeltz) and I couldn't be happier. :D

In addition to doing these quests, I've also reported current bugs and glitches that came with Renewal and I hope to see those resolved so that other players can have even more success at RO questing.

My quest to quest is far from over and there's plenty more in RO I've yet to discover. Here's to another year of RO questing!


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