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Ever since the developers deleted a huge chunk of quests from the game, I've been feeling hesitant to continue adding RO2 quests to the Wiki. <_< I want the Wiki to be an archive of the entire Ragnarok franchise and to leave anything out would make it too incomprehensive.

Then recently, I was looking through my PMs on the WarpPortal forums and remembered that someone had datamined all pre-AOV quests from the game before they were removed and sent the information to me. D8 After some cross-referencing to confirm that all removed quests were in there, I'm now back to adding RO2 quest information to the Wiki.

What does this mean?

Well, it means RO1 questing will be put on hold until I add all these pre-AOV quests. :3 And unfortunately, I've stopped questing after the United Midgard Alliance camp quests so you'll have to wait a little longer to get Alfheim and Jotunheim quests and information from me.

... Unless someone wants to collect information and add it to the Wiki themselves. (Which would be REALLY great.) :D


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