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My biggest inspiration in reconstructing the Ragnarök Wiki into a more generalized franchise wiki with more emphasis on lore is from World of Warcraft. The Warcraft franchise has such rich lore that I couldn't help but get lost reading through the various articles about its characters, cities, dungeons, etc. I wanted the same feeling with the Ragnarök compilation so I dug deep into RO and RO2's quests and environment in a desperate effort to pull as much information from the game as possible.

Although I've yet to start documenting level 100+ quests in Ragnarok Online, the information I've managed to glean from content for Episode 1-14.1 has been rather disappointing in quantity. In the beginning, GRAVITY had originally planned to add a new full episode update to the game every 6 months so after 13 years of service, RO should be on its 26th episode by now. And yet we've only just reached Episode 16, which came out this year on kRO. It's clear on the episode updates page for RO that they were on the road to release a new episode update every 6 months until they rushed out the 3-1 classes as Rebirth Class and the episode timeline came crumbling down. Full episode updates became fragmented in an effort to loosely adhere to the original plans for the game, but in doing so, it slowed down the amount of content being added to the game significantly. It's rather disappointing that after 13 years of development, we're still just scratching the surface on the lore of Ragnarök.

In addition to that developing disappointment, my second biggest issue with GRAVITY is the implementation of Paradise Group, a lazy method of integrating quest-based leveling into the game by shoving everyone into the same map for quests that take place all over the in-game world. It's a complete shattering of the immersive experience and an obvious meta-game implementation. Not only that, GRAVITY plans to shove future lore-centric quests into Paradise Group. Because why bother having players learn about, say, Juno in the actual town of Juno when you can just shove everyone into the same hole map to advertise that quest? It's actually better for players to get these quests in their respective towns because, hey, if I'm in Juno and see someone looking for a party, I'm going to assume they're planning to do some Juno-based quests. Paradise Group as a whole creates a bad hodgepodge of people trying to get together for quests when quests should be organized by town proximity and placed into their respective towns. It just boggles me how they revamped the old Training Grounds into the Royal Criatura Academy in order to integrate it into the actual world of RO for better immersion, and then turn around and implement the Paradise Group to pull players out of that immersion again.

kRO logic.


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