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So I've finally decided to get myself a shirt of my old Cameesa shirt contest entry, Trouble in Kokomo. I've been hesitating to get myself a shirt for a while due to some feedback I saw on the RedBubble feedback section (which no longer exists) regarding the quality of the t-shirts they offer. From what I could understand, the shirts that RedBubble used to print on were from American Apparel. I guess they weren't able to continue using American Apparel shirts, so they switched to another supplier.

ZeroTigress TShirt1.jpg

As usual, their packaging is unique and practical.

ZeroTigress TShirt2.jpg

For the shirt I got a medium size, which appears to be a lot bigger than I thought. The tag says to wash in cold water only and never use the dryer. I guess the material is prone to shrinkage, but since I'm usually a size small, I can afford a bit of shrinkage. It's soft at least and the graphic looks like it was printed onto the shirt decently. I've got plenty of shirts from Loot Crate with similar care instructions, so I don't mind taking the extra steps to maintain them.

ZeroTigress TShirt3.jpg

And of course, RedBubble always includes a nifty sticker with their products. So far I've yet to be disappointed with RedBubble and their services.


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