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Welp, it's 2017. I've been managing this wiki for 4 years now and going on 5. How the years fly. The wiki has grown so much from my initial desire to log quest information to being a full-blown Ragnarök franchise archive. Although I've been playing Ragnarok Online off and on since 2005, there's still much about the game and the franchise itself that I simply don't know about. And that's fine with me. There's always something new to learn and that's what keeps it all interesting for me.

On the downside of it all, it appears that the Ragnarök community itself has therefore imposed high expectations on me when it comes to the lore of the Ragnarök universe itself. There's certainly no doubt that I'm not the only Ragnarök lorekeeper out there, but because I'm more prominent than most Ragnarök lorekeepers (thanks to said wiki managing), I'm therefore more accessible to the community. It's rather unfortunate that I'm so depended on as, again, I don't know everything there is to know about the Ragnarök universe. My knowledge is restricted to what I personally perceive of official content. Whether I'm right or wrong is up in the air due to my lack of fluency in Korean, and it certainly doesn't help that GRAVITY is trying to hide information from their international players by posting their updates in image files. Perhaps it's unintentional, as image-based information does look nicer than plain text information, but it's still rather perplexing that they say they want to be closer to their players and yet do that with their update information.

From what I've been hearing, iRO is set to be up to date with kRO this year along with jRO, but we'll see. GRAVITY is heavily resistant to having iRO simply be a translated copy of kRO, yet imposes certain updates on the iRO servers (minus Classic) regardless of what Gravity Interactive wants. In the end, actions will always speak louder than words.


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