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I can't help but wonder what was going through GRAVITY's collective brain cell to even think of implementing this:

Item Drop Rate Penalty

Level Diff. Before New
+3 or Above 100% 100%
+2 100% 100%
+1 100% 100%
0 100% 100%
-1 100% 100%
-2 100% 100%
-3 100% 90%
-4 100% 80%
-5 100% 70%
-6 100% 60%
-7 100% 50%
-8 100% 40%
-9 100% 30%
-10 or below 100% 20%

Source: iRO2 Patch Notes

Although RO2 is modeled after modern MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online where high level players have no need for low level items, GRAVITY still managed to make it RO-like in the way of the Monster Summoning System in which players have to collect DNA fragments from monsters in order to level up their pets. Not only that, it's already hard enough to get gear from Raid Dungeons that your character can actually wear, but with the drop penalty, it's going to be even harder to gear up high level characters. And then you have crafting recipes that already have a low drop rate so the drop penalty will make that even worse.

The drop penalty will NOT stop botters if that's the intent. It just makes the game even more discouraging for players to farm what they need. The drop rate penalty doesn't work for RO and it certainly won't for RO2.


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