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Just as I predicted in a previous blog entry, GRAVITY is in the midst of taking over RO servers around the world, one by one. According to a recent SEC Report, GRAVITY has already started planting offices in Thailand and Indonesia, likely to prepare to take over thRO and idRO from Electronics Extreme and GRAVINDO. Although the report seems to imply that GRAVINDO is simply getting absorbed into GRAVITY like how Mados Inc. turned into Gravity CIS back in the day. The recent reopening of ruRO under Innova seems to also be in GRAVITY's crosshairs as Innova is only contracted to host ruRO until 2020. This takeover is more evident with Gravity Interactive's acquisition of bRO from Level Up.

This has been a long time coming, although it remains to be seen if Ragnarok Online will benefit from this takeover in any way. GRAVITY did net a huge amount of profits from ROM, but I feel that's just short-term profits in the long run.


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