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About a week ago, I stumbled upon this abandoned Wiki.

Tree of Savior Wiki

Since I didn't feel like having to read through ToS's developers blog over and over to remember what features and stuff the game will have, I figured I could use this empty wiki to catalogue all the information that's been revealed on the blog. So I started adding information to the Wiki: images, class info, feature info, anything and everything I could pull from the developers' blog.

Before I knew what happened, someone made me admin of the Wiki as I continued adding stuff. I didn't get a notification or anything, I just suddenly realized I had privileges on the Wiki that I didn't have before. Surprised, I went to my profile page and sure enough I saw the Admin label next to my username. D8

I was under the assumption that a user needed to go through the appropriate channels to request adoption of an abandoned Wiki. Either the founder decided to give me admin status (which was unlikely considering the founder seemed to have created the Wiki and left without doing anything to it) or someone from the Wikia team decided I should be made admin. Either way, the least they could do is message me and ask if I wanted to adopt the Wiki. << People these days...

So now I'm the admin of both the Ragnarok Wiki and the new Tree of Savior Wiki. There's not much on the ToS Wiki right now, so I've been spending time making it look nice. (The founder picked a dark hard-to-read color scheme when they made the Wiki so I brightened things up with a nicer theme.) Unfortunately it managed to attract a user so I'm worried a community is going to start forming at the new Wiki. I don't know if I can handle managing 2 Wikis at the same time; Ragnarok Wiki already takes up a lot of my time. <<;; We'll just have to see.


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