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For many, many years now (about 20ish or so), I've been searching for a particular movie of which I only remember a snippet where a Chinese guy in a big straw hat was shooting lightning out of his fingers. Google searches continually failed me for results have often turned up Mortal Kombat. (For goodness sakes, I'm pretty sure Raiden isn't the only lightning wielding dude out there!) Emote bzz.gif

Anyways, I was roaming around video sites and by complete accident I came across video clips of this movie. Lo and behold, it's the very movie that I've been looking for all these years! Not only that, but someone uploaded the whole movie. Since I wanted to refresh my memories of it, I figured "heck, why not? It's right here for me to watch."

Let's just say, I don't recommend eating anything while watching it as there's a lot of practical effects usage that may not be stomach-safe. That aside, it's got action, comedy, martial arts, and magic. (Basically a live-action anime.) It's very much a cult classic alongside Labyrinth, so if you like Labyrinth you'll probably like Big Trouble in Little China.

In addition to that, I also finally got around to watching the original RoboCop in its entirety as I only caught glimpses of that movie as a kid.

One part I remember vividly was RoboCop taking off his helmet. Instead of disgusting me, I was rather fascinated by the artistry of the head mechanics.

It's actually pretty good, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes deep sci-fi like the original Terminator.


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