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So in October of 2014, Gravity Interactive in their unsurpassing wisdom thought it would be a fabulous idea to open a second server soon after merging seaRO2 data into iRO2.

Fast-forward one year and now they are merging said server into iRO2's original server.

Who did not see this coming?

... Yeah, thought so.

If there's anything you can rely on GRAVITY and its subsidiaries to do, it's repeating history by making the same mistakes over and over again. And then they wonder why the players are so bitter and toxic about them and their games. A game's community is only as good as the game itself; if the game is broken, unbalanced, and too exploitable, you can bet the game's community will degrade into oblivion along with it. If they want to fix the game's community, they need to start with the game itself.

Ragnarok Online's community is just barely holding itself together with the game being half playable due to how far behind official servers are compared to the developers' server. Ragnarok Online II's community is faring even worse with there being very few things in the game worth poking around. Updates to both games are simply too far in between and even when we get new updates, they come with a plethora of bugs so players can't even begin to enjoy the new content until the bugs are ironed out. It's just layers upon layers of unpleasantness that just never seems to cease no matter what. People who have the power to change things for the better are doing just the opposite while those who are passionate about the game and know how to get it on the right path are powerless to do anything. A rather frustrating paradox that continues in an endless cycle.


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