When I said on the iRO forums to:

Let's just turn RO into this and be done with it.
Source: WarpPortal Forums
I was not actually serious. But it seems that it has actually happened with the release of Gravity Interactive's Ragnarok Clicker game.

So what the heck is Ragnarok Clicker? Like the name implies, there is a lot of clicking involved. So much so that it is literally the point of the game. You click on monsters to deal damage and earn coins from them. And then you use those coins to "hire" adventurers into your team and level up their skills so you can increase your click damage and coin gain. And if you get tired of clicking, the game will automatically play itself for you.

Yes, you heard me right. The game PLAYS ITSELF. The epitome of lazy "gaming".

On the other hand, it's a great option for people who think Ragnarok Online is too hard for them. Yes, even with ALL the iRO customizations that make the game much easier to level up in, there are people who still find the game hard to play.