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I heard that idRO recently got relaunched and decided to check out their new RO website. Imagine my surprise when I saw their promotional video and noticed a set of VERY interesting noticeboards next to their tool shop...

I peruse their official website what did I see but THIS.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Emote bzz.gif

The Bounty Boards Project just barely started rolling out the final version on iRO and idRO is already doing their own??? 8U

Okay, okay, calm down. Try to see the positives. Emote hmm.gif

This could be a good thing. If every official server copies the Bounty Boards project onto their servers, then maybe it'll make kRO reevaluate how they've been designing Paradise Group. It makes more sense for hunting quests to be categorized by location rather than just plopping them all onto a hub map, plus it makes the game look livelier when players are, I dunno, OUT IN THE TOWN AND FIELD MAPS instead of huddled away onto a separate map.

Well, too early to tell since it's just iRO and idRO with the Bounty Boards system. (And possibly bRO since Gravity Interactive also owns bRO.) But if Bounty Boards replaces the Paradise Group questing system on all officials, I guess I win?

EDIT: Seems the project has also spread to thRO as well.


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