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I was playing the original Oregon Trail on an Apple emulator site when I came up with the idea to do a game of Oregon Trail with popular iRO people.

iROregon Trail

It was just something funny to do and I didn't really expect the community to like it all that much (if at all). So I was very much surprised to see about 19 responses to my thread after I made the first post. From there, I started posting progress screenshots of my gaming round and it just took off.

iROregon Trail (ROund 2)

iROregon Trail (ROund 3)

Certain members of the community didn't like how they died off before I got to the end so I decided to do redemption rounds in an extra special effort to try to keep everyone alive.

iROregon Trail (1st Redemption)

iROregon Trail (2nd Redemption)

After that, I finally put the series to an end since I wasn't sure I would be able to drag it on longer than that. It was quite the experience seeing the community response to a random thing like my iROregon Trail series.


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