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RO2 Vanaheim.png
Vanaheim in RO2.
Countries unknown
Races Vanir

Vanaheim is the home world of the Vanir. The Dimensional Gap that has appeared in the world plays a key role as the connecting bridge between Vanaheim and the Midgard continent. Arrogant Vanaheim was opened by Witch Leira who has the same power of Ymir’s heart as the hero and is what adventurers will find on the other side of the Dimensional Gap.[1] The dimensional gap occurred in the Midgard continent and the Prontera Knights were sent to stop the pollution spreading from the gap as the center!! But only the chosen ones who can withstand the magic seeping through the gap can enter Vanaheim... The chosen ones who can enter Vanaheim... Who will it be?[2]


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