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Varmundt as seen in a flashback.
Gender Male
Job Class Professor
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Varmundt is a famous Schwarzwaldian Sage that was responsible for most groundbreaking accomplishments. He supposedly single-handedly revolutionized science. Sadly, he disappeared from history and no one knows how he vanished.

On iRO, this character is localized as Varmunt.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Varmundt was renowned as an incredible genius—a prodigy—even as a child. He later became a tenured Professor at the Juno University. But despite his academic success, Varmundt was never able to finance his own research.[1]

While King Schmitz Von Walter was away visiting the Prontera palace, Varmundt learned of Himmelmez's plan to attack Glastheim and went to the castle to warn of the invasion. He tasked his assistant Herico to send him reinforcements to help defend the castle. He met up with the adventurers at the castle and they accompany him to report to Sir Heinrich, commander of Glastheim's Khalitzburg and White Knight knightages. He implored the commander to hide the Heart of Ymir that lay hidden within the castle, but Heinrich is skeptical of the threat. Before they could do anything, Himmelmez appeared and turned all of the knights into undead. Heinrich managed to destroy the monsters, but mourned the death of his knights. Varmundt told him that it was time to take action and find Himmelmez before she gets the heart. Heinrich ordered the adventurers with Varmundt to seek out survivors and destroy any monsters while he and the Sage look for the valkyrie.

They managed to track her down to the northern part of the castle, but she stops them in their tracks by summoning the Root of Corruption. Heinrich told Varmundt to stay behind and help the adventurers while he goes on ahead after Himmelmez. He used his sage abilities to hinder the supernatural being enough for the adventurers to take it down. They then follow after Heinrich, who was being held back by a barrier that Himmelmez had put up to stop them. Varmundt analyzed the barrier and noted that it is being powered by Coagulated Spells that Himmelmez had inserted into each of her monsters. He dispelled a section of the barrier and told the adventurers to seek out more of Himmelmez's monsters to weaken the barrier entirely. He then goes on ahead with Heinrich.

Once they reached the inner sanctum of the castle where the heart was located, they discover that Himmelmez had already taken the heart and was now tormenting a knight name Geralt. Heinrich pleaded to Himmelmez to let the knight go as she had already gotten what she came for. The valkyrie refused and turned the knight into Amdarais. They manage to destroy the beast and Heinrich swore revenge against Himmelmez.[2]

Some time later, Varmundt accepted an offer from Rekenber Corporation to develop an energy source in exchange for funding and joined the corporation in A.W. 700. The result of his work for them is the invention of the Rune Stone, an imitation of a fragment of the Heart of Ymir. Unfortunately, the public isn't supposed to know that Varmundt invented the Rune Stones. Then, something serious happened in the Schwarzwald Republic and Varmundt disappeared in the fiasco. [3][4]

It turns out that Varmundt wanted to leave the corporation to continue his research at the academy after having invented the Rune Stones. The company begged him to stay, but Varmundt said that if he stayed longer he would make a lot of people unhappy. As he turns to leave, he is suddenly knocked out and it is unknown what happened to him afterwards.[5]

Eventually, Varmundt heard about the mercenaries' plight with Rekenber's latest invention, the Guardian. The Guardians used Varmundt's Rune Stones as an energy source and were slowly making the mercenaries obsolete as a measure of defense. After the Mercenary Rebellion broke out, Varmundt contacted the mercenaries to forge a partnership with them as he did not like what Rekenber was doing with the Rune Stones. On the day the mercenaries were to meet Varmundt, Rekenber sent Guardians to Varmundt's mansion to put him under house arrest. The mercenaries tried to fight their way to Varmundt, but many of them died in the process. During the chaos, Rekenber infiltrated Varmundt's mansion and seized his research notes. Varmundt's mansion was destroyed in the battle, but the professor himself had disappeared since his body was never found in the wreckage of his home.[6]

Current Day

Varmundt Project No. 3

Security Level: Grade 1-C

Caution: only project members of the Ymir Heart Synthesization project are authorize to view this classified document. All others found reading this document are subject to punishment or dismissal.

Because Varmundt disappeared before he could perfect the Rune Stone creation process, the Rune Stones that currently exist are unstable and become useless after a while. In response, Rekenber conceived the Varmundt Project, which aims to correct those flaws and perfect the Ymir Heart replication.[7] This research is currently taking place at the Einbroch Laboratory and within the Holy Ground.[8]

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