For the throwing dagger, see Venom Knife (item).
Venom Knife
RO VenomKnife
Usable by
Job Class Assassin, Assassin Cross
Type Offensive
Category Ranged (10 cells)
Levels 1
Cast Time none
Cooldown ASPD based
Other Information
Requirements Quest

Venom Knife throws a Venom Knife at mid range to deal damage and poison the enemy.


  • The introduction of the quest skill Venom Knife allows an Assassin to equip arrows. Arrows only work with long range attacks so the only skill Assassins have that will benefit from this is Grimtooth (level 3 or above). Additionally, only status arrows work with Grimtooth, not elemental arrows.
  • The damage of this skill is derived from Base ATK and does not count relative damage cards or Enchant Deadly Poison. However, cards and items adding to ATK are counted in damage calculation.
  • The Poison chance is based on the user's level of Envenom.
  • The projectile takes on the element of the right hand.
  • Inflicts Occult Impaction-style damage when Ice Pick is equipped.

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  • Patch (2015 Apr. 29)
    • Assassin Skill modified: Only when you have the skill [Venom Knife] will the UI let you equip venom knives on your character as ammunition.