Venom Splasher
RO VenomSplasher
Usable by
Job Class Assassin, Assassin Cross
Type Offensive
Category Area of Effect
Levels 10 (Selectable)
Cast Time 1 second
Cooldown ASPD based
Other Information
Requirements Poison React Lv. 5, Venom Dust Lv. 5

Venom Splasher consumes a Red Gemstone to turn a target into a "poison bomb". The target will then explode after a few seconds, dealing splash damage around it and poisoning enemies by chance.


  • This skill always hits.
  • The explosion will hit every target in a 5x5 area, for (base damage / # of targets in a 3x3 area) damage.
  • Damage is reduced by DEF.
  • Element is taken from the Right Hand.
  • Left Hand weapon ATK is not factored in.
  • Factors ATK Cards in left hand weapon.
  • Not affected by +% cards, only affected by ATK cards.
  • If the target uses the hide skill during the explosion, all damage will be cancelled but the chance to poison the target remains.
  • Poison React adds extra (20% * Skill level)% ATK passive bonus.
  • Enchant Poison will cause the damage to ignore Immune Garments.
  • Autocasts work (Falchion and Fireblend).
  • Does not stack with Enchant Deadly Poison.
  • Right-Hand Mastery and Left-Hand Mastery do not affect penalties.

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