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Wild Rose
Class Normal
Level 70 (RO)
21 (RO2)
Size Small
Type Brute
Element Wind (RO)
Poison (RO2)
Natural Habitat Papuchicha Forest, Geffen fields, Hoomga Forest, Izlude field

Wild Rose is a cat wearing a big ribbon on its back that is very smart and tricky. Also, it is rumored that it can be tamed by Normans as a pet.[1]


Originally, Wild Roses would appear in Rune-Midgarts towns in addition to Umbala as stray monsters to add more life to the towns. Since Wild Roses are passive, newbie players were never in any danger of being attacked unless they hit them first. That all changed when the Hylozoist card was added to Ragnarok Online, allowing players to polymorph town Wild Roses into aggressive monsters. Due to the polymorph abuse, Wild Roses were consequently removed from all towns that once had them.

Ragnarok Online II[]

In RO2, there are 3 varieties of this monster:

  • Wild Rose
  • Quick Wild Rose
  • Violent Wild Rose



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  • Patch (2004 Sept. 21)
    • Juno, Umbala, Amatsu, and Kunlun now have Wild Roses stalking within. For beginners, please do not drop items on the floor.