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RO Yube.png
Yube as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Researcher?
Race Laphine
Friends Fon, Glaces, Murah, Shul, Tato, Moreng
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)

Yube is a Papang Laphine who lives close to Eclage's plaza. He is among those sent to Splendide to help investigate Yggdrasil's sickness, so he doesn't come home very often.[1]


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Some time after the Forest of Mist was penetrated, Yube flew all the way back to Eclage to help plan a birthday party for his friend Moreng. He initially met up with Glaces and insisted on having everyone meet at his Yai to discuss the party plans. He expresses to her that he will be looking for candle materials and goes off.

An adventurer finds Yube and relays that if he doesn't return soon, Glaces will pluck off the stem of his hair. Yube responds that he already told Glaces that he's looking for candle materials and becomes flustered that she didn't listen to him at all. He decides to focus back on getting candles and realizes that he doesn't remember how old Moreng is. He implores the adventurer to ask Glaces for him as he still needs to collect candle materials.

Later, the adventurer returns to Yube to tell him that no one knows exactly how old Moreng is to his dismay. The adventurer summarizes all that he/she was told by the other Laphines and the both of them calculate that Moreng is 128 years old. He then asks the adventurer to bring him 128 Dustballs to help him make enough Birthday Candles.

When the adventurer returns with the Dustballs, Yube quickly molds the dustballs into wax candles complete with wicks. He then sends the adventurer to deliver the candles to Glaces.

Soon after the adventurer left, Yube is accosted by Du Lian who grabs him and takes him over to Glaces. Glaces gets upset at Du for carrying Yube around like a piece of luggage while Yube himself struggles to break free of the Rune Knight. Since Du managed to overhear Glaces' request to the adventurer to find Moreng, he runs off with Yube to find Moreng.

Yube manages to break free from Du and heads to his Yai to prepare for the party. He later encounters the adventurer there and hears about Moreng's tale of the giant bird of Midgard. He supposes finding the bird's egg is more exciting than receiving it as a gift. However, he first needs to send something off to Splendide for his Master and prepares a package for the adventurer to deliver to a delivery man in the plaza. He remarks that the last time he prepared a package he messed up and was scolded for it. Once the errand was done, Yube got to work preparing for Moreng's now farewell party.[2]